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Olympic Sized Pool- Photo by Mike Waldron

Bellagio Las Vegas Pool: 5 Pools, Which One is For You?

Last Updated on 04/02/2024 by Mike Waldron

The Bellagio offers 5 pools to choose from. One is Adults Only, while the other 4 have their own uniqueness to them. Read on to see which one is best for you.

  • Location: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-693-7487


Pool Season

At least one pool at the Bellagio operates year-round. Currently, there are four pools scheduled to be in daily operation.

For an overview of all MGM properties open year-round, check out this MGM Pool Guide.

Pool Hours

Pool hours vary by season but are currently open from 9:00am until 6:00pm.

If you are interested in some Summer evening pool time while watching an outdoor movie, then consider a Dive-In Movie experience at the Cosmopolitan Boulevard pool deck. You can find information on the Cosmopolitan pool experiences by clicking the highlighted link.

Pool Access

Pool admission is complimentary for guests of the Bellagio Hotel. Non-guests can gain access to the pool deck by purchasing one of the reserved seating options. During our stay in October security was checking for room keys but were not interested in checking our bags.

Directions to the Pool Deck

List of walking directions to the pool deck from the main entrance.
Walking directions from North Valet to the pool deck.

Hotel Resort Fees

A daily resort fee of $50.00 is charged for the use of hotel amenities including the pools. MGM Rewards members with Gold Status and above will have these resort fees waived.


Lifeguards are on duty. They have a lower profile at the smaller pools, walking around the pool deck as opposed to sitting in elevated lifeguard stands.

Number of Pools

There are five pools available at the Bellagio Las Vegas. What I find interesting is that the Bellagio has not given each pool a specific name, with the exception of the Cypress Pool.

For internal staffing purposes, specifically lifeguard assignments, they have assigned each pool a number from 1-5, but nothing more specific for guests. You will find below that I have given them my own names which I feel distinguishes them from one another.

Bellagio Pool Deck Map

Pool map showing relative size, shape and location of the Bellagio pools.
Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Heated / Unheated

The pools are heated to a comfortable temperature.

Number of Jacuzzis

There are four hot tubs located over the 2-acre pool deck.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The pool deck is wheelchair accessible. Mobility lifts are available.

Pool Vibe

With the exception of the Cypress Pool, guests of all ages are free to use the remaining 4 pools.

Pool with a large waterfall feature in the center of the pool.
All Ages Fountain Pool- Photo by Mike Waldron

On our last trip to Vegas this October, we spent most of pool time at the pool I refer to as the “Fountain Pool“. I was a bit surprised to find the youngest families tended to locate themselves at this pool which is located just past the Adult-Only Cypress Pool. This may be due to the rather impressive fountain in the center of this pool which the younger children enjoyed playing under.

This fountain also acted as a giant misting fan when the wind would kick up. This pool offers complimentary loungers, some with side tables and sun umbrellas. A limited number of cabanas are also available to rent. It is located conveniently close to the Pool Bar but far enough away so as to not be disturbed by the Pool Bar patrons.

Smaller pool with a center statue with gentle four streams of water coming out of it.
Secluded Back Pool- Photo by Mike Waldron

If you looking for a pool area that is overlooked by many guests, then check out the pool located some distance behind the Olympic Pool. This “Back Pool” can get a bit more shade than some of the other pools but it is a great place to spend some truly peaceful time.

There are quite a number of complimentary loungers around this pool, although most of them are a bit further away from the water’s edge.

Large pool with the main hotel tower in the background.  several guests are enjoying a swim.
Olympic Sized Pool- Photo by Mike Waldron

The largest of the 5 pools is the “Olympic Pool” located across from the Cypress and Fountain Pools. It is by this pool that the Pool Cafe is located, along with 2 of the general-use hot tubs. There is a third hot tub at this pool but it is reserved for occupants of the Chairman’s Cabanas located at the far end of the pool.

Yellow cushioned loungers around the Cypress Pool with a large fountain in the center.
Cypress Pool- Photo by Mike Waldron

The “Cypress Pool” is the middle pool of the three on the left-hand side as you enter onto the pool deck. It is the Adult Only, 18+ pool area. There are no complimentary loungers at this pool. There is however reserved seating in the form of premium loungers and cabana rentals available.

This is a great place to relax and rejuvenate after the high-energy excitement of staying on the Las Vegas Strip. Just remember that all members of your party must be at least 18 years of age to enjoy the amenities of this pool.

Hotel guests enjoying cooling off in the Front Pool. The hotel main building can be seen in the background.
Front Pool- Photo by Mike Waldron

The “Front Pool”, as I refer to it, is the first pool you see as you enter the pool deck. It may be this easy access that leads these complimentary loungers to be occupied first. This is also the pool that seems to receive the most direct sun early on in the mornings as well. A variety of cabanas are available by this pool. The pool is relatively large, providing plenty of space between the various groups and individuals enjoying the pool.

It will be interesting to see how many Bellagio faithful pool-goers will choose to explore the new Las Vegas Fontainebleau Liv Beach pool deck.

Although not a lot of pool deck specifics have been made available, what has been released sounds like Liv Beach is going for a very sophisticated and upscale pool vibe. Perhaps some real competition for the Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Palazzo, and Venetian pool enthusiasts. Check out what we do know about Liv Beach to date.

Pool Towels

Complimentary pool towels are available. The towel hut is located at the bottom of the stairs which are located just as you pass security on the upper level.

Complimentary Loungers

Loungers lined up along the pool deck. Some loungers include side tables and sun umbrellas.
Complimentary Loungers- Photo by Mike Waldron

Complimentary loungers are available at all pools with the exception of the Cypress Pool. Although there are many of these free loungers available at the other four pools, they can fill up rather quickly, particularly on weekends and holidays.

The pool deck is well signed advising guests that loungers left unattended for more than an hour will have their towels removed. This is to prevent guests from reserving loungers early in the day and leaving them vacant for extended periods of time.

If you want to ensure you and your guests can enjoy seating together at the pool of your choice, you may want to consider purchasing one of the reserved seating options.

Reserved Seating Options

A variety of reserved seating options are available by the Bellagio Las Vegas pools. Reserved seating guarantees you pool entrance even on days when the maximum capacity of the pool deck has been reached. It also ensures that all of the members of your group are sitting together.

As with most reserved seating in Las Vegas, pricing can be very dynamic, particularly on weekends and holidays. Below are some sample pricing for the various reserved seating options available. As pricing is dynamic, always check the current Bellagio reserved seating pricing and availability for the date that you are interested in.

Prices below were as of April 2, 2024, for the midweek date of Wednesday, May 15, 2024, and the weekend date of Saturday, May 18, 2024. These prices are rental fees only. Meaning that any food and beverages ordered are billed in addition to the rental fee. Each rental also comes with an allotment of pool entry passes. This number is also represented in the charts below.

Sample Reserved Lounger Pricing

Well cushioned yellow loungers around the Cypress Pool.
Cypress Pool Reserved Loungers- Photo by Mike Waldron
Seating TypeCapacityMidweekWeekend
Bellagio Pool Reserved Seating1$50.00$150.00
Cyprus Pool Reserved Seating 18+1$75.00$125.00
prices may vary

Sample Daybed Pricing

New circular daybeds have arrived for the 2024 pool season.

Seating TypeCapacityMidweekWeekend
Bellagio Pool Daybed5$150.00$200.00

Sample Cabana Pricing

Inside a cabana there is a mounted TV, ceiling fan, sectional seating and storage unit.
Inside of a cabana- Photo by Mike Waldron
Seating TypeCapacityMidweekWeekend
Verona Resort Cabana10$500.00$700.00
Milan Premium Cabana10$600.00$1,000.00
Florence Spa Cabana10$400.00$660.00
Cyprus Pool Cabana 18+10$650.00not available
Chairman’s Cabana25$1,500.00not available
prices may vary

If you are also looking for information on a comparable MGM property with a 100% rental fee rate for its reserved seating options, consider the pools at the Aria. You will find information on the Aria pool deck at

Food and Drink Service.

Poolside food and beverage service is available. The Pool Cafe is currently closed for renovations. Renovated may be an understatement. When I was there at the beginning of October it had been gutted. I will provide an update after my next trip to the Bellagio.

The Pool Bar however is still open for business and serves up some delicious poolside beverages. Both food and beverages can be ordered directly from the Pool Bar or via one of the attentive poolside servers.

A guest is waiting in front of the Pool Bar to be Served.  There are several bar stools in front of the bar and bottles of alcohol on a shelf behind the bar.
Pool Bar- Photo by Mike Waldron

Popular Pool Menu Food Items

Breakfast Wrap$25.00
Caesar Salad $20.00
Turkey Club $25.00
Hot Dog$18.00
Selection and prices may vary

Popular Pool Drink Menu Items

Mojito12oz $20.0032oz $34.00Souvenir $37.00
Post Melon12oz $20.0032oz $34.00Souvenir $37.00
Assorted Beer250ml $14.005 for $55.00——
Assorted Wines$10.006 for $54.00—–
Soft Drinks12oz $6.00—–—–
Selection and prices may vary

Outside Food and Drinks

Outside food and drinks are not permitted.

Pool Deck Showers

Pool deck showers are available. There are private showers located in the washrooms next to the Pool Bar.

Pool Deck Washrooms/Changerooms

Pool deck restrooms/changerooms are available.

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