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Near opening time- Photo by Mike Waldron

Daylight Beach Club: 2024 Prices and Helpful Tips

Last Updated on 02/24/2024 by Mike Waldron

Daylight Beach Club kicks off its 2024 pool party season on Thursday March 28. Enjoy over 50,000 square feet of pool deck utopia.

Venue Contact Information

  • Address: 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119,9
  • Phone: (702) 632-4700
  • Location/Map


Daylight Beach Club starts its 2024 season on Thursday March 28.


Open Thursday through Sunday from 11:00am – 6:00pm.


Located behind Mandalay Bay Beach

Walking Directions

Daylight Beach Club is located about 200 yards beyond the Moorea Beach Club entrance, if you are walking from Mandalay Bay Beach area. Stay on the path to the left of the Beach entrance. You will see the Four Seasons hotel on your left hand side. Continue walking and you will see the Daylight Beach Club just past the Four Seasons Hotel on your left hand side.

Taxi – Uber Drop-off / Pick-Up Location

This is an easy Day Club to access by Uber or Taxi. There is a large parking area right in front of the club’s entrance area.

I have included this link to get your Uber Estimate.


This is an adult only pool venue. All guests must be 21 years of age or over. Valid government issued ID will need to be presented before entry.

Presale General Admission Pricing

Friday – Sunday$30.00
Prices subject to change- Must arrive before 2:00pm to guarantee entrance

You can order your General Admission tickets directly from Daylight Beach Club. To be guaranteed admission, you must arrive by 2:00pm.

Visa, American Express and MasterCard are all accepted. Be aware that there are no refunds for cancelling or changing your date.

Guest Lists

Guest Lists are a way to gain access to various Day Clubs for free or at a reduced price. Conditions vary depending on the Venue and the scheduled event that particular day. Generally you need to arrive close to the opening time in order to gain access.

You will usually see a sign indicating which line-up is for Guest List patrons. Guests with reserved seating are admitted first followed by General Admission paying guests. The Guest List line is processed last. My experiences with Guests Lists have been extremely positive and I encourage people who are curious about Day Clubs to check it out.

This is not a sponsored or affiliate link, but I have personally used No Cover NightClubs, and was impressed with what I got for free. There are numerous other Guest List services out there which may be equally as good.

Tips for first timers

  • If you want to just “check it out”, get on a free Guest List.
  • Arrive early if you do not have reserved seating. Then you can try to grab a spot by the pool’s edge to sit for when you are not in the pool.
  • Plan on premium prices for food and drinks.
  • Be very aware of the forbidden items.
  • Bring only bare essentials.
  • Take advantage of the available lockers.

Pool Deck Map

Overview map of pool with locations of reserved seating options.
courtesy of Daylight Day Club


You will be going through a fairly rigorous security check before you are allowed inside the Day Club. Ensure you are not accidently attempting to bring in a prohibited item.

List of Prohibited Items

  • Food
  • liquids
  • gum
  • vaporizers, e-cigs
  • over-the-counter medications
  • non-prescription medications
  • vitamins
  • illegal drugs,
  • sharp objects
  • SLP professional cameras with interchangeable/detachable lenses,
  • video cameras (includes GoPro, Google Glass, Spectacles, etc.),
  • tissues
  • wet wipes,
  • toys, props, inflatables
  • weapons (includes firearms, pepper spray, pocket knives), and all sharp objects are prohibited.
  • This is not an exhaustive list. Management reserves all rights to refuse entry.
  • Please Note: Diabetic kits, Epi Pens, and inhalers are acceptable if proper documentation is provided to support it.

Dress Code

Swimwear attire is mandatory and you must be wearing it before you are permitted to enter the venue.

Clothing Apparel Not Permitted

  • athletic apparel (jerseys, basketball shorts)
  • jeans
  • cargos
  • ripped clothing
  • sweats
  • baggy swim attire
  • excessive chains/jewelry,
  • dress shoes, hard soled shoes, work boots
  • socks worn with sandals,
  • nor images of, or any reference to drugs, or drug use is prohibited on all clothing

Day Club Vibe

The vibe is definitely that of a high-energy pool-party. The energy at opening time, like other day clubs, is relatively calm but you can see and feel the energy increase over the first hour or two. By 3:00 pm I have found the pool party atmosphere really takes off and the party is on!

If you are interested in a more intimate, quieter adult Day Club, I suggest you check out my article on Moorea Beach Club, the Toptional Day Club at Mandalay Bay.

For information on an evening pool party, check out my Daylight Beach Club at Nigh post.

Type of Music

The primary music types are EDM, Hip Hop and Top 40.

Reserved Seating

Blue cushioned couches with large orange sun umbrellas
Banquette couches- Photo by Mike Waldron
Blue cushioned daybed with rolled up red pool towels placed on it.
Daybed- Photo by Mike Waldron

There is no complimentary seating options at Daylight Beach Club. A variety of reserved seating options are available to choose from. Reserved seating guarantees you pool entrance even on those days when the maximum capacity of the pool deck has been reached. It also ensures that all of the members of your group are sitting together.

Reserved Seating Pricing

As with most reserved seating in Las Vegas, pricing can be very dynamic, particularly on holiday weekends. Below are some sample pricing for the various reserved seating options available. As pricing can fluctuate, always check the current pricing and availability for the date which you are interested in.

Prices below were as of February 12, 2024 for the weekday date of Thursday May 16, 2024 and the weekend date of Saturday May 18, 2024. These prices are your Food and Beverage Minimum Spend Requirement.

If you do not spend the full amount of your Food and Beverage Requirement, the remaining portion will still be charged to your account.

Cabana with a blue daybed with red towels on top.
Cabana- Photo by Mike Waldron
Cabanas behind a private plunge pool.
Grand Cabanas- Photo by Mike Waldron

Sample Reserved Seating Pricing

Seating TypeMax #
Premium Grand Cabana10$1,000.00$3,000.00
Grand Cabana10$750.00$1,500.00
prices subject to vary

Daylight Beach Club vs Wet Republic Ultra Pool Reserved Seating Pricing

Generally speaking, Daylight Beach Club is a less expensive day club experience when it comes to their respective Food and Beverage Minimum (F&B Min.) spends. Wet Republic does tend to attract higher profile DJ’s, which may explain this cost difference.

For additional information on the Wet Republic Ultra Pool, the highlighted link will take you to a recent post I have written on that Day Club.

The prices listed below were the posted prices as of February 13, 2024.

Thursday May 16. 2024 Sample Price Comparison

Beach Club
Max #
Wet Republic
Ultra Pool
Max #
Couch8$250.00Upper Deck
prices may vary

Saturday May 18, 2024 Sample Price Comparison

Beach Club
Max #
Wet Republic
Ultra Pool
Max #
Couch8$750.00Upper Deck
prices may vary

You will find current pricing and availability for Wet Republic reserved seating here.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is permitted on the pool deck. Not permitted, however, are e-cigs, vaporizers, mechanical smoking devices.

Smoking marijuana is also not permitted. Smoking marijuana will get you escorted out of the venue at a minimum.


I hope you found this post useful. If there is additional information you think would have been useful to have been included please leave a comment. I will see if I can add it so others viewers can benefit from it.

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