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Marquee Dayclub at Opening time- Photo by Mike Waldron

Marquee Dayclub: 2024 Prices and Helpful Tips

Last Updated on 02/17/2024 by Mike Waldron

Enjoy over 22,000 square feet of pool deck to party around. Read on to get the most out of your money and time while at this Dayclub.

Venue Contact Information

  • Address: Located Inside the Cosmopolitan, 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: (702) 333-9000
  • Location/Map


The Marquee Dayclub is able to operate year round thanks to the innovation of the Marquee Dome. During the warmer months the pool deck is an open air experience worthy of being on your bucket list.

Marquee Dome

The nearly 23,000 square foot orb rises over 50 feet above the pool. The 2 million BTU’s of heat generated within the orb is able to create a summer like environment. Combine this with the 90 degree pool water and you have the makings of the ultimate winter pool party venue.


Hours are Thursday – Sunday 11:00am – 6:00pm. Management does have the right to alter these times at their discretion.

Taxi – Uber Drop-off / Pick-Up Location

Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

I have included this link to get your Uber Estimate.


The dayclub is located on level two of the Boulevard Tower


This is an adult only pool venue. All guests must be 21 years of age or over. Valid government issued ID will need to be presented before entry.

You have three options to consider when buying tickets to the Marquess Dayclub. These include purchasing a Las Vegas Party Pass, a Bar Card Package or a Pres-Sale General Admission Ticket.

Las Vegas Party Pass

The purchase of a Las Vegas Party Pass All Access Wristband provides unlimited access to: Hakkasan, Omnia, TAO and JEWEL Nightclubs, as well as Marquee Dayclub, TAO Beach and Wet Republic Ultra Pool.

Sample Pricing for All Access Party Pass

Prices blow were as of February 17, for the dates of March 7 – March 10, 2024.

Prices and availability subject to change

Bar Card Package

The purchase of a Bar Card Package costs $100.00 and comes with:

  • VIP experience with a dedicated entry into the Dayclub
  • Free admission, ($30 retail value for men and $20 retail value for women)
  • VIP Bar Card with a $100 credit

Presale General Admission Pricing

Day of WeekFemalesMales
Friday – Sunday$20.00$30.00
Prices subject to change- Must arrive before 1:00pm to guarantee entrance

You can order any of these access options directly from Tao Group. Visa, American Express and MasterCard are all accepted. Be aware that there are no refunds for cancelling or changing your date.

**During EDC week, the Dayclub has added Wednesday May 15 and Monday May 20, 2024 to their calendar.

Tips for first timers

  • If you want to just “check it out”, get on a free Guest List.
  • Arrive early if you do not have reserved seating. Then you can try to grab a spot by the pool’s edge to sit for when you are not in the pool.
  • Plan on premium prices for food and drinks.
  • Be very aware of the forbidden items.
  • Bring only bare essentials.

Guest Lists

Guest Lists are a way to gain access to various Day Clubs for free or at a reduced price. Conditions vary depending on the Venue and the scheduled event that particular day. Generally you need to arrive close to the opening time in order to gain access.

You will usually see a sign indicating which line-up is for Guest List patrons. Guests with reserved seating are admitted first followed by General Admission paying guests. The Guest List line is processed last. My experiences with Guests Lists have been extremely positive and I encourage people who are curious about Day Clubs to check it out.

This is not a sponsored or affiliate link, but I have personally used No Cover NightClubs, and was impressed with what I got for free. There are numerous other Guest List services out there which may be equally as good.

Pool Deck Map

Pool deck map showing reserved seating locations around the pool.
Courtesy of Marquee Dayclub


You will be going through a fairly rigorous security check before you are allowed inside the Dayclub. Ensure you are not accidently attempting to bring in a prohibited item.

List of Prohibited Items

  • Food
  • liquids
  • gum
  • vaporizers, e-cigs
  • over-the-counter medications
  • illegal drugs,
  • selfie sticks,
  • SLP professional cameras with interchangeable/detachable lenses,
  • video cameras (includes GoPro, Google Glass, Spectacles, etc.),
  • personal computers,
  • drones,
  • balloons,
  • flowers,
  • toys,
  • props,
  • inflatables,
  • floaties,
  • personal towels,
  • umbrellas,
  • signs exceeding 11” x 17” or attached to a pole/stick,
  • weapons (includes firearms, pepper spray, pocket knives), and all sharp objects are prohibited.
  • This is not an exhaustive list. Management reserves all rights to refuse entry.

Dress Code

Swimwear attire is mandatory and you must be wearing it before you are permitted to enter the venue.

Clothing Apparel Not Permitted

  • athletic apparel (jerseys, basketball shorts)
  • jeans
  • cargos
  • ripped clothing
  • sweats
  • baggy swim attire
  • excessive chains/jewelry,
  • dress shoes,
  • boots,
  • socks worn with sandals,
  • nor images of, or any reference to drugs, or drug use is prohibited on all clothing
Steps lead into the pool. Floating daybeds are on shallow shelves in the pool.
Photo by Mike Waldron

Pool Lounge Vibe

This pool deck is about half the size of Wet Republic’s which does give it a more intimate vibe. But it is about 1.5 times larger than the pool deck at Liquid Pool Lounge, so I would call it a mid-size pool party venue.

The multiple floating daybeds and large sectional seating areas around the pool create a very high energy level in and around the pool.

As with other Day Clubs, the energy at opening is fairly mellow but as the drinks start flowing and everyone starts to get familiar with one another, the party really kicks in.

The venue is staffed well and the servers work really hard at trying to meet the requests of the guests in a very timely fashion.

Type of Music

The music at this venue is usually EDM, with some occasional Top 40 or Hip Hop.. This does however depend on the DJ scheduled for any particular day.

Calendar of Events

Here is the Marquee DJ lineup for 2024. Be sure to check out the pricing for the specific performer and date which you are interested in, as these can vary greatly. You may want to check out a few different dates in order to compare pricing.

Reserved Seating

Purple cushioned canopy daybed in shallow water.
Prime Daybed- Photo by Mike Waldron
Looking inside a cabana you can see a mounted TV along with seating and storage.
Cabana- Photo by Mike Waldron

There is no complimentary seating options at the Dayclub. A variety of reserved seating options are available to choose from. Reserved seating guarantees you pool entrance even on those days when the maximum capacity of the pool deck has been reached. It also ensures that all of the members of your group are sitting together.

Reserved Seating Pricing

As with most reserved seating in Las Vegas, pricing can be very dynamic, particularly on holiday weekends. Below are some sample pricing for the various reserved seating options available. As pricing can fluctuate, always check the current Marquee Dayclub pricing and availability for the date which you are interested in.

Prices below were as of February 17, 2024 for the weekday date of Thursday May 9, 2024 and the weekend date of Saturday May 11, 2024. These prices are your Food and Beverage Minimum Spend Requirement.

If you do not spend the full amount of your Food and Beverage Requirement, the remaining portion will still be charged to your account.

Purple poolside sectional seating with sun umbrellas.
Poolside seating- Photo by Mike Waldron
Transparent plunge pool in front of a cabana.
Grand Cabana- Photo by Mike Waldron

Sample Reserved Seating Pricing

Seating TypeMaximum
Grand Cabana20$1,500.00$8,000.00
Prime Cabana12$750.00$4000.00
Prime Daybed8$400.00$1,500.00
prices subject to vary

Reserved Seating Details.

Daybeds are either the “floating daybeds” or what other venues refer to as table seating or couches. Be sure to arrive by 1:00pm to check in for your reserved seating or it may be assigned to someone else.

The purchase of reserved seating includes expedited complimentary venue access for as many people as the seating accommodates. You will have use of the seating until 6:00pm, closing time.

All juice and soda mixers are included. A waitress, busser, and security officer will be in your section to assist you for the day.

Table Share Experience

On Saturdays, there is sometimes an option to purchase a Table Share Experience. With the purchase of this seating option comes complimentary access to Marquee Dayclub. This option provides you with access to open seating in a shared area of the venue.

Your area will be staffed with a waitress, busser and security to assist you.

This is a great option for smaller groups who would like a table and are wanting to meet their fellow partiers.

Please note you must arrive by noon.

Sample Table Share Experience Pricing

The prices below were posted on February 14, 2024, for the date of Saturday May 11, 2024.

Tequila, Vodka and champagne are available and replenished as needed depending on size of the party. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

prices subject to change

Bachelorette Packages

The Dayclub does offer several packages available to bachelorette groups. Sorry gentlemen, no packages for stags. There are two package levels available. Below you will find sample pricing for Friday May 10, Saturday May 11, and Sunday May 12, 2024.

Table Package
# of Included
Additional guests can be added for an additional charge. Prices subject to vary

*** These packages are popular and can sell out early, particularly on the Saturdays

.Additional information can be found at the link to the Reserved Seating Pricing mentioned above.

Marquee Dayclub vs Liquid Pool Lounge Price Comparison

Below you will find several price comparison between similar seating options from each Day Club.. Use this information as a guide only and be sure to check the current pricing for the date you are interested in.

Marquee Dayclub pricing can be found in the link above while current Liquid Pool lounge pricing and information can be found in my Liquid post here.

Sample Pricing for Thursday May 9

Max #
Liquid Pool
Max #
prices may vary

Sample Pricing for Saturday May 11

Max #
Liquid Pool
Max #
prices may vary

Food and Drinks

I have not been fortunate enough to experience bottle service myself at Pool lounge, but I have tried some of their food and mixed drinks, and they really are exceptional.

Popular Food Menu Items

Caesar Salad$17.00
Portobello Cheeseburger$23.00
Three Cheese Nachos$20.00
Meat Lover Pizza$28.00
Jumbo Buffalo Wings$34.00
selection and prices may vary

Links to the complete Marquee food and beverage menus

Smoking Policy

Smoking is permitted on the pool deck. Not permitted, however, are e-cigs, vaporizers, mechanical smoking devices.

Smoking marijuana is also not permitted. Smoking marijuana will get you escorted out of the venue at a minimum.


I hope you found this post useful. If there is additional information you think would have been useful to have been included please leave a comment. I will see if I can add it so others viewers can benefit from it.

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