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Excalibur Las Vegas Pool: 2024 Some Changes Made

Last Updated on 03/16/2024 by Mike Waldron

Excalibur’s 2024 pool season has begun. Most Reserved Seating now come with a Food and Beverage Credit.

  • Location: 3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-597-7777


Pool Season

The Excalibur 2024 pool season opened on Thursday March 7, with the Main, Spring and Royal Pools in operation. The Slide Pool is currently scheduled to open on April 1, but this date is weather dependent.

Pool Hours

Current Operating Hours

Main Pool9:00am – 5:00pm
Spring Pool9:00am – 5:00pm
Royal Pool (18+)9:00am – 5:00pm
Slide PoolOpens on April 1, 2024
Hours may vary

Pool hours vary by season. Listed below are the operating hours during last year’s peak pool season. I will update with 2024 Summer hours once this information has been made available.

Summer Pool Operating Hours

PoolOperating Hours
Royal Pool, Court Pool, Spring PoolDaily 9:00am-7:00pm
Slide PoolFriday-Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm
Peak pool season hours of operation

Pool Access

Access is for registered hotel guests only. Visitors staying at the Luxor hotel are however able to use the Excalibur pool if the Luxor pools are closed. Security will ask you to swipe your room key before gaining access to the pool area. Non-hotel guests who pay for poolside loungers, daybeds or cabanas are welcome to use the Excalibur pools.

Excalibur guests are granted complimentary access to Mandalay Bay Beach, which includes a Lazy River and a Wave Pool. If you are interested, check out my recent post with information on the pools at Mandalay Bay.

Directions to the Pool Deck

Directions on getting to the pool deck from the hotel front desk.

If you are planning on making numerous trips to the pool, I suggest you stay in the Resort Tower as the elevators are located very close to the pool deck entrance.

Hotel Resort Fees

There is a daily resort fee of $35.00 charged for the use of hotel amenities, including the pool. MGM Rewards members with Gold Status or above will have these resort fees waived.

Map of Excalibur Las Vegas Pool Decks

Map showing locations of the four Excalibur pools and 3 hot tubs.
Map courtesy of MGM Resorts


Lifeguards are on duty at all four pools. This is the first year I have seen a lifeguard on duty at the Royal Pool.

Number of Pools

There are four swimming pool which make up the pool complex at the Excalibur. The Royal Pool is restricted to guests 18 years of age and older.

If you are looking for a smaller more intimate pool experience, you may be interested in the pool at New York New York, which only has one pool and access is restricted to current hotel guests.

Heated / Unheated

All of the pools are heated.

Number of Jacuzzis

There are 3 hot tubs on the pool decks. Two hot tubs are located by the Spring Pool, and one hot tub is located by the Royal Pool.

Wheelchair Access

The pool decks are wheelchair accessible. Mobility lifts are available.

Pool Vibe- Slide Pool, Spring Pool, Court Pool

Each pool tends to have a slightly different vibe. The Slide Pool and the Spring Pool have the most family friendly feel to them. There are lots of children with their families in the Spring Pool. The Slide Pool tends to have kids in the water and the parents watching from the pool deck. Both of these pools have cabanas for rent and are well occupied by families.

The Court Pool is open to guests of all ages but it is the most mellow of the three general-use pools. There are no cabanas around this pool and most loungers are taken-up by adult guests. The Court Pool starts the morning in full-shade but the sun will make its way to the loungers by noon.

Information on other family friendly MGM pools is available in this other blog post I have recently published.

Adult Pool (Royal Pool)

The Royal Pool is used at the Adult Pool at the Excalibur. There are a few changes regarding the use of this pool this year. One aspect that hasn’t changed is the minimum age to enter the pool area, which is still 18 years of age. There are however two changes which I would call significant.

The first is the addition of a dedicated lifeguard on duty. Previously there was no lifeguard station located at this pool.

The second change is that previously any adult guests could pay an entrance fee and enjoy a lounger by the Royal Pool. Now, however, these loungers are reserved for MGM Rewards Gold Members and above who have received a wrist band from the staff at the towel hut. Non MGM Rewards elite members are now required to rent upgraded seating or a cabana to gain access to this pool.

These two changes appear to have made this pool a bit more tranquil than it was in the past, particularly later in the afternoon. There are still many drinks being enjoyed in and out of the pool tho. This pool is a great option if you are looking for an adult pool without the hard core partying.

An alternative pool deck with an 18+ pool is at the MGM Grand. Click the highlighted link for detailed information on the MGM Grand Pool Complex, including information on the 18+ Private Reserve Pool.

Pool Towels

Complimentary pool towels are provided. The towel hut is located to the left as you enter the pool deck area.


Complimentary loungers are available at each of the four pools. However, complimentary loungers around the adult only Royal Pool are only for those MGM Rewards members who have Gold Status or higher. Upgraded loungers are available to rent at all four pools.

Upgraded poolside loungers, as with all reserved seating at Excalibur, have dynamic pricing. Below I have provided sample pricing for all types of reserved seating available at each of the four pools. These sample prices were as of March 15, 2024 for the mid-week date of Wednesday May 15, 2024 and the weekend date of Saturday May 18, 2024.

The prices for all cabanas and daybeds are a combined Rental Fee and Food and Beverage Credit. For example, if a daybed costs $200.00, $100.00 of that amount is a rental fee and $100.00 is to be used as a credit towards food and beverages.

Please check the current pricing for all reserved seating options for the date which you are interested in.

Sample Poolside Lounger Pricing

Slide Pool Poolside SeatingMidweek PriceWeekend Price
Seating for 2 people$25.00$90.00
Seating for 4 people$75.00$270.00
Seating for 6 people$125.00$450.00
prices subject to change
Spring Pool Poolside SeatingMidweek PriceWeekend Price
Seating for 2 people$20.00$80.00
Seating for 4 people$60.00$240.00
Seating for 6 people$100.00$400.00
prices subject to change
Royal Pool (Adult Only) Poolside SeatingMidweek PriceWeekend Price
Seating for 2 people$20.00$25.00
Seating for 4 people$60.00$75.00
Seating for 6 people$100.00$125.00
prices subject to change


Four poster daybed with roof partially covered.
Photo by Mike Waldron

Daybeds are an excellent way to add additional comfort to your pool experience. They are larger and more comfortable than a lounger. Daybeds provide admission for up to 4 outside guests.

As mentioned above please use the link above for exact pricing and availability for the date(s) you are interested in. In most cases weekends have higher rental rates, so if you have flexibility in your dates and are price conscious,you may want to consider a mid-week rental.

Sample Daybed Pricing

Daybed Location Mid-Week
Rental fee / F&B Credit
Rental fee / F&B Credit
Slide Pool (4 guests)$50 / $50 Total $100.00$112.50 / $112.50 Total $225.00
Spring Pool (4 guests)$50 / $50 Total $100.00$50 / $50 Total $100.00
Royal Pool (4 guests) $50 / $50 Total $100.00$50 / $50 Total $100.00
Court Pool (4 guests)$50 / $50 Total $100.00$50 / $50 Total $100.00
prices subject to change


Looking into a cabana with four orange loungers in front.
Photo by Mike Waldron

If you really want to up your pool experience consider a cabana rental. Cabanas are great for providing that “home base” feeling while enjoying all that the pools have to offer. As these cabanas come with up to 10 pool passes for non-guests, this can be a very economical way to enjoy the swimming pools at Excalibur.

Each cabana comes with the following amenities:

  • flat Screen TV
  • ceiling fan
  • refrigerator with non-alcoholic beverages
  • dining chairs
  • storage cabinet
  • telephone
  • ceiling fan
  • love seat
  • lounge chairs
  • side table
  • dining table
  • personal safes
  • towel service

Please remember that almost all Las Vegas reserved poolside seating options have very dynamic pricing. Always check the current rate for the date which you are interested in regardless of what hotel you are looking at. Use the link above in the Lounger section for the current Excalibur rates.

The neighbouring Luxor Pool deck also offers reserved seating options with no food and beverage credit attached to the rental fee.

Sample Cabana Pricing

Cabana LocationMid-Week
Rental fee / F&B Credit
Rental fee / F&B Credit
Slide Pool (10 guests)$150 / $150 Total $300.00$125 / $125 Total $250.00
Spring Pool (10 guests)$75 / $75 Total $150.00$150 / $150 Total $300.00
Royal Pool (10 guests)$100 / $100 Total $200.00$200 / $200 Total $400.00
Court Poolnot availablenot available
prices subject to change

Food and Drink Service.

Food and drink service is available poolside. The Drenched Bar and Grille is the main bar and food service provider on the Excalibur pool deck. The Big Chill bar is a secondary bar which provides service on the weekends during the busy pool season.

Food Service Hours

hours subject to change

Popular Food Menu Items

Chicken Wings$16.00
Chicken Caesar Salad$16.00
Grilled Chicken Wrap$15.00
selection and prices may vary

Beverage Service Hours

Drenched Bar Daily 9:00am-6:30pm
Big Chill BarFriday-Sunday 10:00am-5:30pm
hours subject to change

Popular Drink Menu Items

Mojito12 ounce $15.0032 ounce $27.0032 ounce refill $24.00
Pina Colada12 ounce $15.0032 ounce $27.0032 ounce refill $24.00
Beer (assorted)single $10.006 for $50.0024 for $200.00
Wine250ml $14.005 for $55.00
Pepsi 12 ounce $5.0032 ounce $11.00

For a complete list of food and beverage options check out the Drenched Bar and Grill Menu.

Outside Food and Drinks

Outside food and drinks are prohibited. Security has been much stricter on this policy this Summer, even prohibiting a small bag of potato chips from entering the pool deck with my wife.

Pool Deck Showers

Multiple pool deck shower stations are provided. I have learned that those loungers closest to these shower stations can have sustained activity around them. If you are looking for a tranquil area on a pool deck, I suggest avoiding the shower areas.

Pool Deck Washrooms/Changerooms

Pool deck washrooms/restrooms are located just off of the pool deck by the Drenched Bar and Grill.


Smoking on the pool deck is prohibited.

Mike Waldron

Mike has been visiting Las Vegas since 1969, and was married in Vegas in 2013. His decades of first hand experiences in the city help him to create original articles. The goal of his articles is to provide accurate information with actionable tips.

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    1. Mike Waldron

      I just contacted Mandalay Bay and they did confirm that Excalibur guests no longer receive complimentary pool access. It was a nice little perk when you stayed at Excalibur. I actually like the pools at Excalibur, but if you have kids who would enjoy the Lazy River and Wave Pool I would consider paying for a Day Pass for a day just so they can experience it. I have updated the post reflecting this new policy. Thanks for your comment and enjoy your trip.

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