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Fontainebleau Pools vs Caesars’ Strip Hotel Pools

Last Updated on 03/03/2024 by Mike Waldron

Fontainebleau Pool Deck vs: Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, The Cromwell, The Linq, Paris, Horseshoe and Harrah’s. See how the Fontainebleau stacks up.

I have included my Fontainebleau vs Caesars Palace comparison in my Fontainebleau vs Mid-Strip Hotel Pools post. The other pools compared in the article are at the: Bellagio, Aria, Hard Rock and the Cosmopolitan.

Pool Access

Fontainebleau Access will be complimentary for registered Fontainebleau guests and for non-guest with paid reserved seating. Other non-guests will be able to gain access by purchasing a pool Day Pass, if space permits.
The Cromwell
Pool access is restricted to The Cromwell guests only during the week. On weekends access is complimentary for hotel guests while non-guests can gain access by purchasing reserved seating or by paying a General Admission.
Planet Hollywood
Pool access is complimentary for registered guests. Non-guests may gain access with the rental of a lounger, daybed or cabana.
Access varies by pool. The Beach Club Pool is reserved for hotel guests only. Go Pool access is complimentary for hotel guests. Non-guests must reserve a daybed or cabana to gain access. All Go Pool guests must be 21 years of age or over and have current government I.D.
The LinqPool access is complimentary for hotel guests. Non-guests must reserve a daybed or cabana in order to gain access. All guests must be 21 years of age or older.
ParisPool access is for hotel guests only or for other Caesars properties guests if there pool is closed. Non-guests can gain access to the Paris Pool with the rental of a daybed or cabana,
Harrah’s, HorseshoePool access is complimentary for registered hotel guests, and for those non-guests who have reserved a daybed or cabana.

2024 Pool Season

FontainebleauThe Fontainebleau 2024 pool season begins on March 4, 2024.
Planet Hollywood, The Linq, Paris,
These pools are now open for the 2024 pool season.
FlamingoScheduled to open on March 8.
The Cromwell, Harrah’sScheduled to open on March 15.
HorseshoeScheduled to open on April 19.
dates are subject to change

Planet Hollywood Pool Map

Aerial map of Planet hollywood Pools and Pool deck
Courtesy of Planet Hollywood

Pool Hours

Fontainebleau Daliy 9:00 – 5:00pm.
Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, The Cromwell, The Linq, Paris, Horseshoe and Harrah’sDaliy 9:00 – 5:00pm.
hours subject to change without notice

Evening Pool Events

FontainebleauSome non-specific evening events on the Gigi’s Pool Deck have been announced.
The Cromwell

 Drai’s Beachclub at Night Swim Night. 2024 Calendar of Events will be posted once available.

Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, The Cromwell, The Linq, Paris, Horseshoe and Harrah’s
No evening events scheduled.

To see how the Fontainebleau Oasis Pool Deck compares to the Wynn, Encore, Palazzo, Venetian, and Resorts World pool decks, click the highlighted link.

Flamingo Pool Deck Map

Map Of Pool decks showing pools, trees and seating.
Courtesy of Caesars Resorts

Pool Deck Size

Each highlighted link below will take you to a dedicated post I have recently written with detailed information on each specific pool deck.

Fontainebleau pool deck6 acres.
The Cromwell- Drai’s Beachclub pool deck65,000 square feet
Planet Hollywood pool deck
The Linq pool deck
Flamingo pool deck15 acres
Horseshoe pool deck1+ acre
Paris pool deck2
Harrah’s pool deck1 acre

Number of Pools

Fontainebleau6 pools plus LIV Beach
The Cromwell3, plus 5 private pools
Planet Hollywood, Horseshoe2
Harrah’s, The Linq, Paris1

The Linq Pool Deck Map

Map of The Linq pool deck. Show relative position of th epool, hot tub, cabanas, daybeds and loungers.
Courtesy of Caesars Resorts

Family Friendly Features

FontainebleauBleautopia- Yard games area with activities including croquet. Not necessarily family specific.
Drai’s Beachclub, The LinqAdult only venue. No family friendly features
FlamingoNo specific family friendly feature but the Beach Club Pool is very family friendly.
ParisNo specific children’s area but they do have pool deck games including ping-pong available.
Harrah’s No specific children’s area but family a friendly pool.
HorseshoeAlthough not specific to children, the pool deck does offer cornhole and foosball on a turf deck.
Waterfall cascading into Go Pool
Go Pool- Photo by Mike Waldron

Adult Only Pool Areas

FontainebleauLIV Beach Day Club
The Cromwell, The LinqBoth pool decks are adult only, 21 years of age and over.
FlamingoGo Pool, adults 21+.
Planet HollywoodAdult pool, adults 21+
Paris, Horseshoe, Harrah’sNo adult only pool available.
Overlooking the 2 pools and private plunge pools. Rich red fabric cushions are on the seating.
Drai’s Pool Deck- Photo by Mike Waldron
Faux rock waterfall in the background with the Go Pool in the foreground
Go Pool- Photo by Mike Waldron

On Property Day Clubs

FontainebleauLIV Beach Day Club– Theme: French Riviera.
The CromwellDrai’s Beachclub
The LinqInfluence, the Pool at the Linq
FlamingoGo Pool
Las Vegas LIV Beach pool with large LIV letters ona large purple backdrop.
courtesy of Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Poolside daybeds sit in front of the hotel pool.
Influence, the Pool at the Linq- Photo by Mike Waldron

Lounger, Cabana and Daybed Rentals

FontainebleauDaybeds and cabanas are available to rent. The fee is a 100% rental fee with no minimum food and beverage spend attached.
The Cromwell/Drai’s Beachclub
Banquettes, daybeds, cabanas and bungalows are available to rent. The fee is a 100% food and beverage minimum with no rental fee attached.
Planet Hollywood
Loungers, daybeds and cabanas are available to rent. The fee is a 100% rental fee with no minimum food and beverage spend attached.
The Linq, Harrah’sDaybeds and cabanas are available to rent. Fee is a combination of a rental fee with a food and beverage minimum attached.
Paris, Horseshoe,Daybeds and cabanas are available to rent. The fee is a 100% rental fee with no minimum food and beverage spend attached.
FlamingoLoungers, daybeds and cabanas are available to rent. Fee is a combination of a rental fee with a food and beverage minimum attached.
Inside a Linq Cabana you see blue seating, storage and a mounted TV.
Linq Cabana- Photo by Mike Waldron
Two levels of red trimmed cabanas in front of a private pool.
Drai’s Beachclub- Photo by Mike Waldron

Poolside Food and Beverage Options

FontainebleauBleau Isle Bar, La Côte, FB Slim’s- Miami’s La Côte Menu.
The Cromwell
Pool bar with an extensive food menu from Drai’s Cafe.
Planet Hollywood, Paris,
Pool bar offering basic menu items. A large selection of food options are available through the Planet Hollywood Caesars Eats App. Check out the link for menu options.
Food and beverage service is available at the Grotto Bar on the Go Pool Deck and the Beach Club Bar & Grill at the Beach Club Pool area.
A pool bar with limited food service is available. A wide range of menu items via the Paris Uber Eats App are available for poolside delivery.
Food and beverages can be ordered from the Blue Cafe. Or you can check out the options available through the Horseshoe Caesars Eats App.
The Linq Poolside food and beverage cocktail service available for guests with reserved seating. A walk-up pool bar is available for food and beverage orders.

Outside Food and Beverages

Outside food and drinks are prohibited at all pool decks.

Heated Pools

All resorts have heated pools.

Hot Tubs

FontainebleauThere are 3 hot tubs located on the pool deck.
Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, Paris
2 hot tubs
Horseshoe, Harrah’s
1 hot tub each.
The CromwellNo hot tubs

Paris Pool Deck Map

Aerial Map of Paris Pool and Pool deck.
Paris hot tubs behind cabanas- Courtesy of Caesars Resorts

Poolside Gaming

FontainebleauPoolside gaming is available across from the main Oasis Pool.
Planet HollywoodPoolside gaming is available by the adult-only pool.
The Cromwell, The Linq, Flamingo, Paris, Harrah’s, HorseshoeNo poolside gaming is available.

Poolside Entertainment

FontainebleauBleau Isle, located in the center of the Main Pool, will be pulsing with alluring all-day beats. Promoted as a major party spot while local DJ’s supply all the pop and house hits.
Planet HollywoodYes, pool deck entertainment in the form of a high-energy DJ will take place. A link to this schedule will be added once it is available.
The CromwellLive performances and special guests turn the pool into a true pool party on weekends.
The LinqPoolside DJ’s on Friday through Sunday.
Paris, Horseshoe, HarrahsNo poolside entertainment.

Reward credits for Pool Deck Spend

FontainebleauFontainebleau Rewards Tier Credits and Bleau Points are earned for eligible pool deck spend.
Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, The Linq, Paris, Harrah’s, Horseshoe.Caesars Rewards Tier Credits/Points are earned on eligible pool spend.
The CromwellCaesars Rewards Tier Credits/Points are not earned at this Venue.

Poolside Massages

FontainebleauCabana massages available in the Legacy Pool Massage Cabana.
Planet Hollywood, The Linq, Paris, Horseshoe, Harrah’s, Flamingo,The CromwellPoolside massages are not available.


It will take some time to see how successful the new Fontainebleau Oasis Pool Deck is at capturing the interests of the existing South-Strip pool enthusiasts. Much is still unknown about this new player in town but their PR team is doing their best to win over guests even before the pool deck is open.

This post will be updated as new details become available and after my first visit in the Spring.

Fontainebleau Pros

  • Brand New Venue
  • Day Passes available (A pro if you are a non-guest just wanting to check it out)
  • Evening poolside events planned (No specifics at this time)
  • This may not be the most family friendly pool (A pro for some)

Fontainebleau Cons

  • May not be the most tranquil of pool decks (a con for some)
  • Day Passes will make the pool deck busier
  • Still many unknown factors
  • The only adult pool is LIV Beach

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