Welcome to Midlife Miles – Your Insider’s Guide to Las Vegas!

Hello! I’m Mike Waldron, the creator and spirit
behind Midlife Miles. Since my first journey to Las Vegas in 1969, following a
family trip to Disneyland, I’ve found myself irresistibly drawn back to this
neon oasis countless times. My blog is a culmination of these decades of
exploration and a heartfelt homage to the city that has become a second home to

Las Vegas holds a special place in my heart, not
just as a travel destination but as a pivotal chapter in my life story. It’s
where my wife Sharon and I tied the knot in 2013 and where we celebrated our
love by renewing our vows on our 10th anniversary in 2023. Each visit has been
a new adventure, adding layers to my understanding and appreciation of this
ever-evolving city.

Through my frequent visits and a dedicated status
matching campaign, I’ve achieved elite status with major Las Vegas casinos,

  • MGM Rewards: Platinum
  • Caesars’ Rewards: Diamond
  • Resorts World Gentling: Imperial
  • Circa Club One: Legend
  • Hard Rock Unity: Icon
  • Sahara Infinity Rewards: Iconic
  • Cosmopolitan Identity: Platinum (Now a part
    of MGM Rewards)

These statuses aren’t just titles; they are keys to exclusive experiences and hidden
gems in Las Vegas. I leverage this access to create original, captivating
content for my readers, offering insights and experiences beyond the reach of
the average visitor.

My 30-year career as a teacher, primarily in
Secondary Consumer Math, has deeply influenced my approach to travel and
finance. I’ve spent years educating on the savvy use of credit cards,
understanding their benefits and potential pitfalls. This background allows me
to guide my readers on enjoying Las Vegas luxuriously yet responsibly.

My passion for teaching extended to Tourism classes, where I combined my love for
travel with practical financial advice. I believe in the power of travel to
broaden horizons and have always encouraged my students to explore the world
responsibly and affordably.

On Midlife Miles, you’ll find a blend of personal
stories, expert travel tips, and practical financial advice, all rooted in a
lifetime of experiences. Whether you’re planning your first trip to Las Vegas
or you’re a seasoned visitor, I invite you to join me in exploring this
dazzling city.

Let’s dive into the heart of Las Vegas together – where every neon light tells a
story, and every trip is an opportunity for a new adventure!